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Welcome to the original Hot Liberals site! This site is out to promote Hot Liberals who make us laugh, cry, and inspired. This is politics with our hair down. Liberalism promotion mixed with sex and hotness. Sarcastic comedy that may not be for everyone, so please also, be aware of the language on this blog.

What constitutes a Hot Liberal? Well for one, a hot Conservative is an oxymoron. Liberals are more compassionate, beautiful, idealistic, progressive, and most of all, HOT! We do not focus on the physical aspects of beauty, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We focus on Hot Liberals who make us laugh, cry, and inspired. Feel free to submit photos of hot liberals, including yourself, to hotliberals@gmail.com.

P.S. This site was founded by a woman.

A list of Hot Liberals:

Brad Pitt
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jennifer Aniston
Kim Cattral
Eliza Dushku
Matt Damon
Tony Shaloub
Halle Berry
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Gabrielle Giffords
Seth McFarlane

And countless others. To see them all, their photos are posted in different categories throughout the blog. Have fun!


  1. love your website, eventually I know that you will take over the world, too, lol!

  2. Robert Brooks · ·

    Hellz yeah, keep it up!!!

  3. Here I am! Not sure if I can keep up with both facebook and this place, but who knows!

  4. So…hotness in one spot on the interwebs. Sweet.

  5. Hot Liberal @CraftyWagon on twitter

  6. Loving this site!! Two of my favorite topics in one place!! Politics and Sex (appeal)!!

  7. What the flip happened to the hot liberals fb page?????!!!!!!!!?????

    1. Unpublished until further notice.

  8. Sadly, Gabby isn’t really a liberal. She was a republican before she became a congresswoman and a blue dog as a congresswoman. She was my congresswoman and I didn’t have much of a beef with her, other than wishing she voted more liberally, but for the district that she represented, it wasn’t too bad. The previous congressman was Jim Kolbe, who was a moderate republican (and semi-secretely gay,) so she was about in the right range for the district. The new district that came out of redistricting is much more strongly democratic registration and gave us Ron Barber, neither liberal nor hot. Ah, well.

  9. Warmth and heat= heart and compassion!

  10. Oh wow I didn’t realize this existed outside of facebook. Nice

  11. Okay… I have a question about the Facebook page. I’ve noticed that I am unable to like nor am I able to comment on anything you post. Is this because of the rather… Dark stance I took on the teen suicide post a few months back, or does this apply to all member. Either way, I’m not going to unlike the page. I love the stuff you post way too much to do something so childish; I was the one who decided to belt out my twisted outlook on the subject, and was full aware of the possible consequences. I am merely curious is all.

  12. Are you here?

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